We strive to provide a gym environment that is welcoming and open to everyone. Our bright, clean, professional space and our trained coaches ensure that our members feel comfortable and still receive a great workout experience. But, don’t just take our word for it! Here is a partial list of clients we’ve worked with before.

Highly Recommend

Debs Testimonial for CrossFit Vertical

I highly recommend engaging the services of Jana Leyden as a personal trainer/health and fitness coach.  Jana is a wise and caring trainer who successfully guides people of all levels in the attainment of their health and fitness goals.  I have been able to move forward not only with my goal of increased strength and vitality, but my other health goals surrounding nutrition and lifestyle improvement.

Jana is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of physical training and is exceptionally gifted at scaling the workouts to create a safe, yet effective outcome. She has held me accountable to consistently show up for myself, in all the areas of health, by creating challenging, yet accessible workouts and healthy goal setting and achievement measurement. Jana’s workouts make it easier and more pleasurable to do the things I really love.

When I work out regularly, eat and drink wisely and attend to the other markers of vibrant good health such as consistent sleep, flexibility and stress reduction, I am able to bring my best self to all my endeavors. I have succeeded in doing this, due in large part to Jana Leyden’s consistent, compassionate and creative coaching.

Debra DeLorenzo

Caring, Fun, Creative

Heather - Testimonial

Jana Leyden virtually trained me during the Covid-19 pandemic and while I was also recovering from a substantial shoulder surgery.

We met through face-to-face technology twice a week for 30 minutes each. She was extremely reliable regarding getting in touch with me the day before we were supposed to meet and offered a variety of 30-minute time slots from which I could choose from for the next day’s training session.

During our session, Jana would spend the first 5 minutes or so just checking in with me to see how I was doing, what’s new, how did my weekend go, etc. It was a nice way to warm up the conversation.

She would then ask how I was feeling, physically, in regards to previous workout soreness and also my pain/discomfort level regarding my healing shoulder before proceeding with her scaling recommendations for the workouts that she was about to deliver. If I had performed a new move recently she would check in to see how that went for me and how I felt about it. She did this to make sure that what she was about to prescribe was appropriate for my current ability.

Because of the pandemic, I had very limited equipment to work with at home. She kept a list of what equipment I had and tailored the workout to accommodate my limited physical ability in addition to my limited resources. That said, she also knew my physical strengths that were not affected by my healing shoulder and emphasized movements for those muscle groups to ensure that I would have a solid, hard-core, fulfilling workout regardless of my injury.

Not only did she take into consideration my physical abilities, limitations and resources, but also my athletic personality. Jana knows my inner athlete and encouraged me to go big when it was appropriate and safe but to take it easy when we were trying a new move or heavier weight for my shoulder. She probably prevented me from re-injuring myself on more than one occasion, if I’m honest.

Jana also offered weekly challenges that were outside of fitness. These challenges addressed mental health, nutrition and other aspects of overall wellness.

I highly recommend any athlete who wants help reaching a fitness goal to work with Jana. Not only are results achievable but it is really actually very enjoyable. She is caring, fun, creative, a master athlete and coach and overall awesome human.

Heather Cooper

Very Positive Setting

Louisa Testimonial

I started personal training to maintain and further improve my muscular strength and fitness, and did a combination of strength training with weights, bodyweight exercises, and cardiovascular training.

My experience has been very positive – Jana is an incredibly knowledgeable and supportive trainer, and I have already gained more discipline and endurance despite only having trained for a month.

I would absolutely recommend personal training for anyone at practically any fitness or experience level, because it’s a very positive setting in which to work towards fitness goals.


Open, Welcoming, Approachable

Liz Testimonial

I’ve been transforming my life with CrossFit for 3 years with Jana as my favorite coach at the gym. COVID 19 hit and I asked for Jana to be my virtual personal trainer. I chose Jana because she taught me all the basics and helped me and my other “50” something friends to embrace where we are in our fitness and build from there. She explains the why and the how for each workout to focus on the goals for each day. She challenges me to go further knowing I am capable of more, helping me to overcome my fears and be proud of my fitness accomplishments. She makes me have more confidence in myself and my abilities.

I was training for a 16-mile hike at the Grand Canyon this summer. Unfortunately, I was having a hip issue. To help me still achieve my goal, Jana changed the movements to maintain my strength and stamina while helping my hip to heal.

 Jana’s teaching style is open, welcoming, approachable, explaining workouts with passion and excitement. I also highly recommend Jana because she is a strong role model for women.

You are the best Jana!

Liz Yale

Accountability and Motivation

Rachel Testimonial

I have had the privilege of weekly fitness check-ins with Jana since the beginning of March when the pandemic really took hold in the United States. It is the thing that has kept me accountable to my own fitness for the last 6 months.

Jana is the best coach I have ever experienced when it comes to scaling workouts. As a runner in my previous years, if something went wrong with my knees/ hamstrings/ etc, I would simply not workout. Every time I have had a minor pain or strain and voiced it to Jana, she has come up with an equivalent movement or activity to achieve the same stimulus. Personal training doesn’t allow you to simply skip the activities or lifts that you don’t like. Jana has met me where I am and recognized my strengths and weaknesses. She has prescribed progress activities to work on when I did not have the strength or skill to achieve difficult lifts.

Jana has also been very flexible when it comes to timing for check-ins. I work a crazy schedule that on many days does not allow for trips to the gym, but Jana has been willing to chat or text about a workout well into the evening. She has also helped me look at health and fitness more as a whole entity. In the dark, cold, early days of the pandemic she created fun challenges to help my Mom and I make healthier choices with food, alcohol consumption, and creating time for yourself.

I would recommend personal training, specifically with Jana because it ultimately holds you accountable and keeps you motivated to grow and get stronger.

Rachel Lance

Extremely Helpful

Testimonial from Hannah

I worked with Jana to improve my Olympic lifts (cleans and snatches).  Her coaching was extremely helpful in improving not only those lifts, but many of the things I learned transferred to other movements in my workouts.  Jana has a great approach – she is very organized and prepared drills that targeted my specific areas for improvement.  Getting immediate and personalized feedback resulted in instant improvement in my lifts and my confidence in them.  Because of her knowledge, I would recommend Jana’s coaching for any skill level.

I look forward to going and I am thinking of new skills to work on so I can continue with her coaching!

Hannah Geary-Young

Confidence Booster

Testimonial from Paula

I started going to Coach Jana for personal training to work on my Olympic Lifts. I had seen Jana lifting a lot and was impressed with her form and consistency.

In a very short time the drills that Coach Jana taught me quickly improved my ability to lift properly and my confidence to do so.

Coach Jana is a true professional and focuses on getting you where you need to be in a safe, efficient manner. I now walk into every workout that has Olympic lifts programmed with a sense of excitement and confidence.

I plan to continue my work with Coach Jana to achieve some other fitness goals. I am really glad that I reached out and made this lift changing choice!

Paula Geary-Young

Supportive and Passionate

Testimonial from Anna

Jana eased me back into training after having a baby. Her support and nurturance, along with her passion for health and a tailored approach was exactly what I needed. I gained confidence in my body and old/new abilities as an athlete and mother. She guided and motivated me in more ways than I can ever thank her for.

Anna G

Determination to Challenge Myself

Testimonial from Stacey

I have been friends with Jana for years (since college) and when I saw that she was doing personal training I thought to myself, “hmmmm, maybe I should contact her” but I waited and waited and waited until I saw that mutual friends were going to begin working with her. I thought, strength in numbers and that I would have a small community to help build up my comfort level and motivation. You see, I have been a couch potato since having kids 14 years ago. I have two kiddos who both have special needs so most of my time is focused on making sure they have what they need. I have come to realize however that I can be a much better mom if I actually take care of myself too. If I am being honest, I wasn’t able to make it through the warm-up during our first session and almost let fear get the better of me. But, I came back and am so thankful that I did. Jana has a knack of knowing how to, and when to scale the session to meet my needs. Sometimes she does it without me knowing because she is so observant and in tune with what I can do. I am learning a lot about functional fitness from Jana and that fear I mentioned before has now turned into a drive and determination to challenge myself to do more in each session. The very first lesson I learned from Jana was how to use my time efficiently during a workout. As a busy mom that is invaluable! I am amazed at how hard we work in just 20 minutes. I leave our sessions dripping in sweat and feeling so unbelievably accomplished. I will forever be grateful to Jana for all that she has taught me.

Stacey Caskey

Incredibly Thorough, Patient, and Knowledgeable

Testimonial from Emily

I worked with Jana for 2 months to prepare to join Pallas Fitness. She is incredibly thorough, patient, and knowledgeable. She pushed me to work to the best of my abilities, often exceeding what I thought I was capable of. She modified workouts for different levels of fitness and everyone in our group got the most out of every workout. I highly recommend working with Jana!

Emily Kerry


Testimonial from Alana

Jana Leyden has kept me sane since March 17th, 2020.  She took me on as one of her clients at the beginning of the pandemic, and her personal attention and individualized programs exceeded all my expectations.

About a month into our training I hurt my knee, but Jana did not let me give up. She created and modified workouts, always adapting them to my limitations but still challenging me. She keeps me motivated and truly cares about my health. In addition to the workouts, Jana has created various challenges for me. A year ago I could only do one “real push-up,” and now I am able to do them through an entire workout.

Jana’s ambition inspires and motivates me to continually push myself. Her ability to communicate and her dedication to providing personalized workouts allows her to establish a strong bond with her clients. She is an outstanding individual and amazing personal trainer.

“Every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you.”

Contact Jana Leyden for help.

Alana Hohwald

Listens to My Concerns and Goals

Testimonial From Danielle

I’ve known Jana for several years as one of my favorite coaches for CrossFit classes. Last year I reached out to her for personal training as a fellow mom whose coaching style I thought would benefit me greatly.

 Jana listens to my concerns and goals and programs varying workouts that keep me engaged and working toward those goals. She checks in on mental health and nutrition as well, which gives me a sense of her commitment to my overall health and wellness.

 Through her coaching, Jana exerts professionalism while simultaneously making one feel comfortable; creating a safe space for clients to be vulnerable and open about all things fitness and wellness.

 After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, we’ve recently picked back up with our sessions and I’m feeling more like myself again. This type of personalized fitness is exactly what I need right now.

Danielle Zawislak

Very Nice and Personable

Rig Muscle Ups - CrossFit Vertical Ithaca NY

I have known Jana a few years now and enjoyed her as my CrossFit Kids coach. When COVID hit we were no longer allowed at the gym so I was very excited to hear Jana was building her own home gym space.

I have been going to Empire Fitness Personal Training for a month and a half now and love my training sessions with Jana.  She is very nice and personable and tailors the sessions to the movements that I want to work on.  I like that she challenges me and gives me skills to work between sessions so I can improve my strength and mechanics.

The personal gym is very fun and has everything we need for various activities.  My favorite parts are the climbing rope and the multi-use rig that has low rings and a pull-up bar.

I have been working on gymnastic movements and Jana is very knowledgeable and keeps the skill sessions fun and exciting.  Jana is very positive and encouraging and has been wonderful to work with, I look forward to going every week!  I highly recommend Jana to athletes of any age who are just starting out or looking to improve their fitness and skill level.

Alyssa (Age 10)