CrossFit Vertical Nutrition

Coming to the gym to exercise is a fantastic step towards health and wellness.  However, nutrition is the piece of the puzzle that people struggle with most frequently.  Nutrition can be overwhelming and complicated.   What should I eat?  How much should I be eating?  When should I be eating it? We’re here to help answer those questions and get you on track with your nutrition.

Our coaches can help you develop the right plan for your goals.  Whether your goals are performance-based, lifestyle-based, or wellness-based, we will work with you to map out a plan that will get you moving in the right direction. 

Initial Nutrition Consultation

During this one-hour consultation, we’ll meet with you to get to know your current nutrition habits, your nutrition goals and lay down the foundation of nutrition basics, including sleep and hydration. 

Cost: $60    

Nutrition Plan/Accountability Plan

The next step would involve your Nutrition Coach creating a plan tailored to your goals.  Once the plan was created, you would then meet with your Nutrition Coach again to go over the specifics of the plan and to set up your accountability schedule. This schedule would depend on athlete/coach availability, but typically involves 8 weeks of meals/snacks, an in-person/video check-in once a week and several electronic check-ins each week for 8 weeks.  

Cost: $350     


Nutrition Accountability Maintenance Plan

This step is a little less involved than the previous steps.  The Nutrition Consultation and the Nutrition Plan/Accountability plan are prerequisites for this plan.  This plan is meant for someone who would like continued accountability after the initial 8-week period of the Nutrition Plan/Accountability plan OR who has been successful with their nutrition plan for a period of time, but would like a little extra accountability at the time for various reasons.  Pricing and timeframe for this plan are based on 4-week increments and typically include an in-person/video check-in once a week and several electronic check-ins each week for 4 weeks. 

Cost: $100