Getting Started with CrossFit Vertical

On-Ramp Course 

One of the fundamental pillars of CrossFit is constant variation.  Your daily workout will involve different movements, time domains and skills virtually every time you walk into class.  Because of this, there’s a significant amount to learn before taking your first class.  The On Ramp Course consists of two individual or small group sessions, each 60-90 minutes long, where a coach will introduce you to most of the movements you’ll need to be familiar with before jumping into your first class. These classes will be arranged on an individual basis, depending on a coach’s schedule.

One-Time Cost: $150

To sign up click the link below and then click the ‘Attendance Pack’ tab on the next screen.

Olympic Weightlifting - CrossFit Vertical Ithaca NY

Attend a Class


Have your own box at home, but you’re on the move and need a place to land temporarily?  Visit us at CrossFit Vertical.  Our family will be happy to have you join us for a day, a few days, a week, or even longer. 

$20 per day
$75 per week (5 Classes in a week)

Come When You Can “Punch Card”

Not sure how often you’ll be able to attend class?  Use this punchcard and come when you can as you get started. You can always transition to a regular membership once you’ve used your 10 punch card classes. 

$125 – 10 Class Pass

Monthly Memberships

Our membership selection is a little unique in the world of CrossFit.  We strongly believe that everyone should have access to physical and mental health, and we firmly believe that exercise is one of the main contributors to physical and mental health. Furthermore, we truly believe that CrossFit is one of the most effective pathways to being physically and mentally healthy. We also recognize that CrossFit is not financially feasible for many folks, and we’d like to do our part to try and minimize this so everyone can have access to this lifestyle, if they choose to do so. 

“Traditional Membership Options”

3x Per Week: $110/Month
5x Per Week: $130/Month

Couples (*Email CrossFit Vertical for Criteria)
3x Per Week: $200/Month (Saves $20/Month)
5x Per Week: $230/Month (Saves $30/Month)

Students (Valid student ID required)
3x Per Week: $100/Month
5x Per Week: $120/Month

“Non-Traditional Membership Options”

Support a CFV Family Member
In a position to help others? Pay a little extra each month to support a CrossFit Vertical family member who may not be able to afford the traditional monthly membership cost at this time. 
$150/Month Individual
$265/Month Couples

Sliding Scale Memberships
(Based on yearly gross household income, students not included.)
*To sign up for a sliding scale membership, please email us directly at 

Income Bracket $25,500-$35,000 
$85/Month Individual 3x and $105 Individual 5x 
$150/Month Couples
3x and $180 Couples 5x

Income Bracket $0-$25,499
2-4% of Gross Annual Household Income
Minimum of $20 per Month

Rate is based on the number of dependents in a household.

Personal Training 

Loving classes, but feeling like you need a little one-on-one time working on Olympic lifts, gymnastics movements, speed and agility or nutrition?  Set up a few personal training sessions with Jana or Andy. A little bit of 1-on-1 guidance translates into significant confidence in the whole class setting.

Individual Sessions
$30 for 30 Minute Solo Session
$60 for 60 Minute Solo Session

Partner Sessions 
$50 for 30 Minute Partner Session ($25 per person)
$100 for 60 Minute Partner Session ($50 per person)