Intrigued by CrossFit, but not sure if it’s right for you? Come take a free class with us.  You’ll get a chance to meet a coach (or a few), check out our space, and try a CrossFit workout.  Our certified coach will ensure your workout is scaled properly so you can participate in the same workout as the rest of the class, but it will be specific to your current fitness level. If you like your free trial class with us, you can move forward to the next step and be one day closer to being a CrossFitter at CrossFit Vertical!  If you don’t enjoy it, no worries, at least you tried it, and there’s no obligation to continue.

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On-Ramp Course 

One of the fundamental pillars of CrossFit is constant variation.  Your daily workout will involve different movements, different time domains and different skills virtually every time you walk into class at our gym.  Because of this, there’s a significant amount to learn before becoming a member.  The On Ramp Course consists of two classes, each 60-90 minutes long, where a coach will introduce you to most of the movements you’ll need to be familiar with before jumping into classes.

There are two options for taking the On Ramp Course:
1) Small Group On Ramp classes are generally offered the first full week of each month, on Tuesday at 7pm and Wednesday at 7pm. This is a more economical option, but it requires individuals to be available for those two specific classes and it requires waiting until the next available group On Ramp. (No makeups or rescheduling for this option).
One Time Cost of $75

2) Individual On Ramp classes are scheduled throughout the month, based on the athlete and coach’s schedule. This is a less cost effective option, but it allows athletes more flexibility for scheduling and means no waiting for the next group On Ramp course.
One Time Cost of $150

Our membership selection is a little unique in the world of CrossFit.  We strongly believe that everyone should have access to physical and mental health, and we firmly believe that exercise is one of the main contributors to physical and mental health. Furthermore, we truly believe that CrossFit is one of the most effective pathways to being physically and mentally healthy. We also recognize that CrossFit is not financially feasible for many folks, and we’d like to do our part to try and minimize this so everyone can have access to this lifestyle, if they choose to do so. 

*All membership rates increase annually at a rate of 3%, every year on September 1st.*

“Traditional Membership Options”

2x Per Week: $105/Month
3x Per Week: $115/Month
Unlimited: $137/Month

*Email CrossFit Vertical for Criteria
2x Per Week: $200/Month
3x Per Week: $210/Month
Unlimited: $242/Month

Family Membership?
*Email CrossFit Vertical for more information.

Students (Valid student ID required)
2x Per Week: $95/Month
3x Per Week: $105/Month
Unlimited: $126/Month

“Non-Traditional Membership Options”

Support a CFV Family Member
In a position to help others? Pay a little extra each month to support a CrossFit Vertical family member who may not be able to afford the traditional monthly membership cost at this time. 
$158/Month Individual Unlimited
$278/Month Couples

Sliding Scale Memberships
(Based on yearly gross household income, students not included.)
*To sign up for a sliding scale membership, please email us directly at [email protected] 

Income Bracket $25,500-$35,000 
$75/Month Individual 2x
$85/Month Individual 3x

$105/Month Individual Unlimited 
$140/Month Couples 2x

$150/Month Couples 3x
$180/Month Couples Unlimited

Income Bracket $0-$25,499
2-4% of Gross Annual Household Income
Minimum of $20 per Month

Rate is based on the number of dependents in a household.


Have your own box at home, but you’re on the move and need a place to land temporarily?  Visit us at CrossFit Vertical.  Our family will be happy to have you join us for a day, a few days, a week, or even longer. 

$21 per day

$53 per week (5 Classes in a week)

Membership Holds/Upgrades/Downgrades

  • CrossFit Vertical will honor membership holds/suspensions of one month or more, provided that we are notified at least 3 days in advance, by email. We will also honor membership upgrades and downgrades, provided that we are notified at least 3 days in advance of the billing cycle date, by email.
  • Memberships can be placed on hold for up to 3 months. The membership will automatically be reinstated after that unless the member contacts us within 3 days of the next billing due date. No refunds will be given if members fail to contact us within 3 days of the membership hold expiring.

Refunds/Membership Cancellations

  • Membership cancellations can occur at any time and for any reason without additional fees. We do request that you provide a reason for cancellation for our tracking purposes.
  • While cancellations can occur at any time, members looking to cancel prior to their upcoming bill must notify us at least 3 days prior the bill due date. Additionally, any “one time” items are not refundable (i.e. On Ramp, Nutrition Consultations, Teens Programs, Prenatal Yoga Sessions, Personal Training Sessions, etc. Any item we offer that’s not a monthly reoccurring membership qualifies as a “one time” expense.)
  • CrossFit Vertical will not provide refunds for any late cancellation requests or for any unused classes/sessions.
  • Deleting your payment information from Xplor does not cancel your membership. Membership cancellations are only processed by contacting us by email.

Class Reservation/Cancellation Policy

*Late Cancellations-If you cancel 2 hours or less before your scheduled class time, there will be a $3.00 surcharge and you’ll also lose the session (towards your monthly allowed classes).

 6am Class-This becomes especially tricky for 6am members because someone cancelling at 3:50am doesn’t give someone on the waitlist a chance to attend class, which is the entire reason we’re implementing this policy.  Therefore, the 6am class is the only class with a 9 hour window. If you’re signed up for the 6am and you cancel after 9pm (9 hours before your scheduled class), the late cancellation policy will apply to you.  Someone moving from the waitlist to class at 9pm at night should give them time to make adjustments and attend class when someone else cancels. 

*No Shows: If you remain registered for a class and you don’t show up for class, there there will be a $5.00 surcharge and you’ll also lose the session (towards your monthly allowed classes).

Youth Fitness

Kids love to move their bodies!  We offer a class that is specifically designed for kids ages 5-9 years old. During this class, kids will learn how to move their bodies safely when it comes to exercise.  They’ll participate in an age appropriate workout for the day and then they’ll finish with a fun game that will keep them moving for the 45 minutes they’re in class. This class is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-3:15pm.   

Because kids (and their families) can be very busy, and because their schedules fluctuate throughout the year, we offer Kids Sessions that are 3 months in length, thereby keeping commitment lengths manageable.

  • Spring Sessions:
    March-May  (February Enrollment Period)
  • Summer Sessions:
    June-August (May Enrollment Period)
  • Fall Sessions:
    September-November (August Enrollment Period)
  • Winter Sessions:
    December-February (November Enrollment Period)

Each 3-month session consists of classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45-3:15pm.  The cost for each session is $265.  Session packages are purchased in advance to reserve the athlete’s spot in the session. The enrollment period for each session starts one month prior to the session.

Curious to see if we have room in the next session? 
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Establishing habits for exercise and nutrition in the teen years will pay off profoundly later in life.  We offer a class that’s exclusively for teens on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15-5:00pm.  This coach-led class provides a supportive environment for teens to participate in workouts together. The program is ideal for any youth, ages 10-14, who would like to increase strength and conditioning for other sports. It’s also a great opportunity to build confidence and knowledge around movement mechanics that can be used for life beyond the teen years.  

Because teens can be very busy and because their schedules fluctuate throughout the year, we offer Teen Sessions that are 3 months in length, thereby keeping commitment lengths manageable.

  • Spring Sessions: March-May  (February Enrollment Period)
  • Summer Sessions: June-August (May Enrollment Period)
  • Fall Sessions: September-November (August Enrollment Period)
  • Winter Sessions: December-February (November Enrollment Period)

Each 3-month session consists of classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:15-5:00 pm.  The cost for each session is $265.  Session packages are purchased in advance to reserve the athlete’s spot in the session. The enrollment period for each session starts one month prior to the session.

Curious to see if we have room in the next session?  
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Masters 55+

Being a Masters 55+ athlete means you’re seasoned in life and have the wisdom to know that moving your body is one of the most important things you can do on a daily basis.  We believe CrossFit can help with that.  However, we also recognize that our CrossFit 60 classes can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially since there can be such a large spectrum of ages, abilities and ranges of motion. In our Masters 55+ classes, our certified coaches will take you through movements, workouts and activities that are appropriate for athletes ages 55 and over.  You’ll get to workout with a community of other athletes your age, and you’ll grow stronger each day with them. 

The Masters 55+ membership consists of two regularly scheduled masters classes each week (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-2:00pm) that are exclusively for Masters 55+.  Additionally, this membership includes a third class for the week, which could be taken as your schedule allows, in a CrossFit 60 class.  Finally, the membership includes our yoga class, which takes place every Saturday at 11:30am.  The cost of the membership, for 4 classes per week, is $100 a month.  

Curious to see if we have room in our Masters 55+ Program? 
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Private Training

*Private training is considered one athlete and one coach.  

*Semi-private training is considered one coach and up to 4 athletes.  

*In semi-private settings, the athletes can be a group of friends/family members that would like to participate in training together or it can also be a group of up to 4 athletes that may not know each other, but share the same schedules as other athletes looking to participate in semi-private training.

There are several reasons why someone may want to pursue private training or semi-private training.  Check out some of the reasons below, and if you feel like private or semi-private training is what feels right at this point in your fitness journey, please email us to get the conversation started! 

Email us to learn more!

  • Group settings/classes may not feel comfortable for you right now, given current COVID numbers, etc.
  • You’re recovering from an injury and want specialized training.
  • You’d like to start taking CrossFit classes, but you’d like to get some individual/small class training sessions first to get comfortable.
  • You need more accountability with your fitness at this time.
  • You’re training for a specific event.
  • You’d like to improve a specific skill, like a gymnastics movement or a weightlifting movement.
Coach Jana

Coach Andy

Private Training Costs

  • $31 for a 30-minute session 
  • $64 for 60-minute session
  • 10 Session Punch Card for 30 minute Sessions $280
  • 10 Session Punch Card for 60 minute Sessions $560

Semi-Private Training Costs

This cost will vary depending on the number of clients attending the sessions.

Trainer Jonathan Husson provides a personalized training experience that considers your specific circumstances to create a customized program tailored to your goals and lifestyle.  Services include skill development (olympic lifting, gymnastics movements, functional movements), supplemental therapeutic exercise, personalized programming (strength or CrossFit), and nutritional planning.  Coached sessions are provided in person or online in 30 or 60 minute time periods for individuals or small groups (no more than 4) of all ages.

Email for more information:
[email protected]

Coach Jon


Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga: 
Yoga is an ideal way to maintain a healthy body and mind throughout your pregnancy. This Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Series will help you build strength and flexibility, no matter your trimester, and will give you wellness tools you can employ once the baby arrives. Trained through Bliss Baby Yoga (2019) and Mighty Yoga (RYT-200, 2018), Nancy will guide you through an hour of bliss with a modified vinyasa flow as well as restorative poses, focusing on alignment, stabilizing the pelvis, and calming the mind. Feel free to reach out with any specific concerns or questions.

Cost for Prenatal

  • $16 for a single session
  • $62 for a 4 pack of sessions
    ($15.50 per session)
  • $125 for a 10 pack of sessions
    ($12.50 per session)

Email us to inquire about the next available monthly series.

Slow Flow: This hour-long class focuses on mobility and alignment. This is a great option to stretch out any aches from a week of CrossFit, and to give your mind some calm, restorative time. Slow Flow is great for folks who are newer to yoga or movement.

Members: We currently offer yoga in a few ways at CrossFit Vertical.  Most of our yoga classes are a part of our CrossFit Membership.  Members have access to all of our yoga classes except the prenatal yoga classes.

Non-Members: Anyone who is not currently a member at the gym may also participate in our yoga classes by purchasing a Yoga 10 Punch Card, for $185, which expires 6 months from the time of purchase.  This Punch Card card contains 10 sessions that can be used as you’d like within the 6 months.

Purchase a Yoga Punch Card


Coming to the gym to exercise is a fantastic step towards health and wellness.  However, nutrition is the piece of the puzzle that people struggle with most frequently.  Nutrition can be overwhelming and complicated.   What should I eat?  How much should I be eating?  When should I be eating it? We’re here to help answer those questions and get you on track with your nutrition.

Our coaches can help you develop the right plan for your goals.  Whether your goals are performance-based, lifestyle-based, or wellness-based, we will work with you to map out a plan that will get you moving in the right direction. 

During this one-hour consultation, we’ll meet with you to get to know your current nutrition habits, your nutrition goals and lay down the foundation of nutrition basics, including sleep and hydration. 

Cost: $60    

This step is a little less involved than the previous steps.  The Nutrition Consultation and the Nutrition Plan/Accountability plan are prerequisites for this plan.  This plan is meant for someone who would like continued accountability after the initial 8-week period of the Nutrition Plan/Accountability plan OR who has been successful with their nutrition plan for a period of time, but would like a little extra accountability at the time for various reasons.  Pricing and timeframe for this plan are based on 4-week increments and typically include an in-person/video check-in once a week and several electronic check-ins each week for 4 weeks. 

Cost: $100           

The next step would involve your Nutrition Coach creating a plan tailored to your goals.  Once the plan was created, you would then meet with your Nutrition Coach again to go over the specifics of the plan and to set up your accountability schedule. This schedule would depend on athlete/coach availability, but typically involves 8 weeks of meals/snacks, an in-person/video check-in once a week and several electronic check-ins each week for 8 weeks.  

Cost: $350